Moving Out of The Problem and Into The Solution

Healing The Whole Person For Effective Pain Management

 In this Video Blog I cover the importance of healing the whole person by understanding the Chronic Pain Syndrome™ and how to develop a body mind spirit approach to better chronic pain management and an improved quality of life. I describe some of the important interventions needed to assist healing in four quadrants – Biological, Psychological, Social/Family and Spiritual.  This video has information that can lead to improved functioning in all four Domains.

Resolving the Chronic Pain and Opioid Syndemic

In this video I discuss the problem and the solution for the Synergistic Opioid Chronic Pain Syndemic – the Synergistic Treatment Problem. You will see the many factors that led to the current problem and more importantly my ideas about moving into the solution. 

One of the areas for chronic pain management that we need to reevaluate is the over-utilization of the Bio-Medical model and how we need to start healing the whole person – Biologically, Psychologically, Socially and Spiritually!

Identifying the obstacles to positive treatment outcomes


 In this Video Blog I discuss many of the challenges and hidden obstacles  that confront many chronic pain patients and why they do not obtain  optimum treatment outcomes. Often healthcare providers "Blame the  Victim" so to speak and do not realize that their very thinking is a  part of the problem.  I believe that there are three primary areas that problems    occur: Family Systems; Healthcare Provider Bias; and Patients  Self-defeating Patterns.  I explore each of those three areas and  discuss possible treatment solutions for better outcomes. 

Free: Prologue, Table of Contents, Forward & First Chapter

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