Moving Out of The Problem and Into The Solution

Identifying the obstacles to positive treatment outcomes


 In this Video Blog I discuss many of the challenges and hidden obstacles  that confront many chronic pain patients and why they do not obtain  optimum treatment outcomes. Often healthcare providers "Blame the  Victim" so to speak and do not realize that their very thinking is a  part of the problem.  I believe that there are three primary areas that problems    occur: Family Systems; Healthcare Provider Bias; and Patients  Self-defeating Patterns.  I explore each of those three areas and  discuss possible treatment solutions for better outcomes. 

Intro To Thank You Adversity For Yet Another Test

In this video I discuss my new book Thank You Adversity For Yet Another Test and offer it as a solution to the Synergistic Opioid Chronic Pain Syndemic – the Synergistic Treatment Problem. I discuss how Thank You Adversity was designed to help people with complex chronic pain problems, many of whom do not benefit from the traditional bio-medical model because of their coexisting mental health issues, including unresolved trauma and opioid medication use disorders. 

This synergistic treatment problem needs the synergistic treatment solutions I outlined introducing Powerful Solutions for Transforming Adversity Into Hope and Healing.

Differentiating Between Pain and Suffering

In this Video I cover how To differentiate between pain and suffering for more effective chronic pain management. We also explore the four components of chronic pain and I explain why it’s important to learn as much as possible about pain to help stop the suffering.


I also discuss Anticipatory Pain – what you believe it will be like when you experience pain and how it affects your brain chemistry; it can either intensify or reduce the amount of physical pain that you experience. You get what you expect!

Free: Prologue, Table of Contents, Forward & First Chapter

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